Are you looking to make those long awaited post COVID travel plans?


You aren’t the only one. Since guidelines have dropped the RV industry has noticed a significant increase in the travel industry. Here at RV for America we have seen an increase in travel from everyone that is looking to finding alternatives methods of traveling than the standard airlines.

With the travel of airlines declining due to cancellations, extreme delays, and headaches people are taking a different approach to that family vacation, short trip, or even just a simple transportation across the country or the state. RV travel has increased at a rate of 275% since COVID due to these reasons.

With RV travel you are able to hop into your own traveling hotel room that has been fully sanitized and hit the open road on YOUR timeframe. No delays, no headaches, no check in lines, no baggage claim, no lost bags, no crowded airplane seats. Just you and the open road on your time. Want to stop for lunch or dinner? Want to get up and walk around while in transit? Want to get stop and see the sights? All of this is possible while RV traveling. You make the rules.

If you are interested check out our RV for America site to view all of our RV’s, view travel tips, or book directly.

Don’t wait to fulfill all of these benefits. RV travel has increased at such a rate it is hard to find a company to be able to fulfill your travel needs. Well, not here at RV for America in South Florida. We are expanding and booking dream vacations everyday so head to today to book your trip.


-Hope to see you on the open roads.