Located in Juno Beach, Florida, Loggerhead Marinelife Center is situated along one of the most significant nesting beaches for loggerhead turtles in North America. Approximately 20,000 nesting female loggerheads each year visit the beaches in the seven-mile stretch of coastline surrounding the Center. In addition to providing Nest Management Services to protect the nests from natural and manufactured disturbance, the Center offers guests free admission to its world-class aquarium and sea turtle hospital, as well as a variety of educational programs and conservation initiatives. Learn information about Jupiter, FL.

Visitors to the Center can explore the creatively designed and well-maintained aquariums and observe sea turtles, fish, and other marine life. Through interactive displays and guided tours, visitors learn about sea turtles and the ecosystems in which they live. Loggerhead Marinelife Center offers educational programs and special events. Themed exhibits and speakers cover topics ranging from ocean health to sea turtle rescue, are a great way to learn about the center. Discover facts about A Guide to Exploring All That Jupiter Beach Park Has to Offer.