The tropical 666-acre park is a favorite destination for locals and tourists alike. The park splits the Loxahatchee River and features many trails for hiking and horseback riding. You can even kayak or canoe in the park. But if you’d prefer to stay dry, you can enjoy the heated swimming pool. Here are a few tips to make your next visit to Riverbend Park a memorable one. Jupiter, FL can be seen here.

One of the oldest county parks in the area is Riverbend Park, which covers 444 acres. The park was purchased by the County in stages between 1961 and 1964. It was one of the original three areas on the Parkway purchased by the County. During the American Revolution, James Madison used the park’s Conn’s Ferry to cross back into Maryland. It has been a popular destination in the area ever since. If you’re looking for a fun, safe place to spend a day with your family, this park has it all. Click here to read about What to Do in Riverbend Park, Jupiter Florida.

For those looking to get out and explore the wilderness, Riverbend Park is a popular destination. It is the starting point for the Jeaga Wildways, a network of over 300 miles of nature trails. The C-18 Canal levee in the park serves as the starting point for the Bluegill Trail, which leads nine miles to the Grassy Waters Preserve. You can also rent canoes and kayaks from the Jupiter Outdoor Center.

Aside from the beautiful views, Riverbend Park is also home to some unusual and interesting plants. Among the rare flowers found in this park are the Virginia Bluebells, Basswood, and White Trout Lily. You can also admire seasonal wildflowers blooming throughout the park. The park’s biodiversity is exceptional, making it an ideal destination for a visit to the Washington area. It’s also home to some of the region’s most significant natural plant communities.

If you enjoy walking and hiking, Riverbend Park is a great place to visit. The trails are well-marked and there are numerous opportunities to take a stroll through the beautiful forest. Although this park is not known for its spectacular vistas, it is a good place for a picnic or lunch. You can also explore the park on horseback or just spend a few hours on the beach. In any case, make sure to plan ahead.

If you’re planning a big party, you can reserve a picnic area in the park. It’s also possible to rent athletic fields in the park. Adult and youth sports teams often use the fields. Families may also rent the pavilion for a picnic. While the pavilion doesn’t have electricity or water, it’s a good place to hold a picnic. It’s also possible to arrange a large event at Riverbend Park. You must first submit a Special Activities application.