RV travel, especially with the current resurgence of Covid-19, provides a safe and fun way to travel. In this blog, we are going into brief detail about 10 reasons why you should chose to travel in an RV.

“It feels good to be lost in the right direction…”

1. Affordability – RVs offer affordability in many different ways. Travel can be expensive. Hotels, rental cars, planes, and more all add up and increase the cost of your trip. An RV goes with you along every step of your journey. Additionally, RV’s provide ample space for food storage, so eating out doesn’t have to be your main option while away from home.

2. Flexibility – RVs offer you the freedom to change course at any point. You can change your plans on a whim without problem!

3. Avoids the Hassles of Packing – Packing can be tedious, especially if you only have limited space in a car or airplane. With RVs, there is a lot of space to hold all of your belongings, and while on the road you don’t have to have all of your things in a suitcase as all times. Additionally, there is no need to worry about limits on the amount of liquids or hygiene products you bring.

4. Provides the comforts of Home – An RV is like a little home on the road, and they provide amenities that many hotel rooms don’t have, such as kitchens and separate living spaces.

5. *Super Sanitary – RVs allow you to social distance and to have your own space in which you don’t have to worry about being around people, in elevators, in airports, etc. You have your own bathroom, which prevents stops to public restrooms, kitchen, and sink, which enables you to wash your hands whenever.

6. See More Sights – RVs provide the sights of a road trip with more comfort and space! You can look out the window while sprawled out on a bed or while eating lunch!

7. Great For National Parks – If you’re a national park lover, RV travel is a great option. RVs make it easier to enjoy a park in early morning hours as well as the late night hours. Additionally, you can have great sights from the RV that hotels cannot offer.

8. Community – If you like to meet people while traveling, RV parks are a great place to do so. Often you will have the same “neighbors” in the park for at least a portion of your stay. These parks also often include amenities such as pools and tennis courts.

9. Togetherness – RVs offer a space in which you and your family and friends can exist together without the separation of different hotel rooms and without the hassles of figuring out rooms, where to eat, and all of the factors that come along with travel. RVs give you more time to sit back and relax with your loved ones.

10. Pets! – Although some RV parks do not allow pets, our RVs do! It’s only right if the whole family can come along!

Whether you have traveled many times by RV or none at all, we hope you found this blog informative. For more information go to https://rvforamerica.com.